We are dedicated to designing and creating high-end, cutting-edge residential projects both locally and worldwide.


At LAI, we are passionate about being full-service residential architects. With past projects ranging from world-class estates to inventive renovations, we take inspiration from knowing every project will be unique based on the collaboration between client and architect.

We believe strongly in the principles that guide our design process:

Style is not prescriptive.
We approach projects with no preconceived agenda, believing that the finest design arises from a dynamic process of collaboration with the client. Our projects take on a multitude of forms. See examples of both our classic and modern work in our Featured Projects.

Environment informs architecture.
We believe in allowing your home’s site to inspire its architecture, unleashing the potential of your property and creating a home that exists in harmony with its surroundings. The varied and spectacular landscape in and around Vancouver often presents both challenges and opportunities for design, and we have extensive experience with both conquering the steepest sites and maximizing the most luxurious ocean views.

Collaboration and communication are paramount.
We embrace the exchange of ideas and collaboration between architects, consultants, and clients to achieve something special. Our process emphasizes listening and open communication to ensure that objectives are clearly defined and our clients’ vision is realized.

Technical expertise allows for creativity.
Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Our years of education, decades of experience, and superior technical expertise are how we do it. The design and construction process involves many complex realities, and our clients know they can trust us to produce work that is skilled, sound, and meticulous.

Architecture should inspire.
At LAI, residential architecture excites and motivates us every day. We seek to inspire our clients and the community at large, through innovative, beautiful design that enhances our collective environment. View our In Progress work to see what’s inspiring us lately.