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Gulf Island Home

2,250 sf
Completed in 2009

This contemporary home was designed to touch lightly on a serene ocean view site in the Gulf Islands on Canada’s West Coast. The single storey exposed glulam post and beam structure sits atop concrete post footings and is accessed by an entry bridge for added effect. The low slope metal roof opens out toward the ocean views providing dramatic 14’ ceilings within, and large 8’ cantilevers beyond sheltering generous outdoor living spaces. The plan is comprised of 2 distinct structures; Living/Kitchen and adjoining master suite in the first and a guest suite that doubles as a second Living Space in the second. These are linked together by an interior foyer link, featuring floor to ceiling windows with views to the ocean. In the space beneath the house, where the land falls away from the floor plate, the owners incorporated a hobby room & wood shop facing the ocean and accessed from a separate exterior.

Notable features: low slope metal roof, exposed glulam post and beam, ocean views, touches lightly on the site