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St Alcuin College

3,033 SM Under construction

St Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts, is an Independent, non-denominational university preparatory school located in North Vancouver. Its mission is to provide each student with a rich, rigorous and personalized education in an intimate setting. The goal is to foster creativity and achievement. The new proposed location for the School leverages an urban setting in order to provide students with this rich educational experience. The 3,033 SM school will accommodate 200 students and staff in a private K-12 School on a property previously occupied by an auto repair shop. As the site coverage is at 82%, the 3rd floor is envisioned as a planted outdoor terrace for learning, and as an oasis offering respite for students and teachers.

Notable features: Materials for the project includes a concrete and steel structure clad in ACM panels, natural wood soffits, and aluminum curtain wall window system. Landscape is used both to enhance the quality of the 3rd floor terrace. Additionally, landscape is used and as screening to neighbours, to soften the appearance of the north facade to neighbours. An image wall graphic will be featured on the north facade that will result from student input for the benefit of the local community. The 4th floor is designed as a jointly operated community event amenity space. During daytime, the space can be used by the School. On evenings and weekends, the space has been offered to local Community groups free of charge for cultural meetings or community functions. The energy efficient target for the Building is ASHRAE 90.1-2016 +14%, although we are targeting an additional 10% energy savings by design.