Duncan Stuart

Senior Technician

“The sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly!” – Bob Bello

Duncan has been affiliated with LAI for over 10 years and is engaged in custom detailing for our projects. Duncan brings a technical acumen to the firm, which has been developed by his many years working on high-end custom residences, as well as his work in in the fields of auto, naval, and aircraft design and engineering.

In 1973, for example, he designed a very successful sailing yacht, the VARNE 27, which is still a much sought-after vessel. In 1980, Duncan was involved in the design of the world’s first all-carbon-fibre aircraft, the LEAR FAN 2100, and subsequently was appointed lead engineer of the fuselage design team. When not busy at work here at LAI, Duncan can be found traveling various parts of the globe.

Favourite Book: Anything on space exploration